Jelena Nemcenko
My name is Lena, and I am TheMailoDesign Founder, Crochet Teacher and Pattern Designer

This shop began after I had my first child and realized I had free time to explore my own creativity. I started by crocheting for friends and family and they ultimately encouraged me to share my unique designs with the world.

Most of my items are very easy to create and I am excited that even beginners can utilize my patterns. The beauty of the world around me inspires my patterns. I live near the sea, and the serenity and peace of being near water, truly is reflected in my work.

In my free time, I love travelling and exploring the world around me. It is the new, hidden gems of this world that fuels new designs. I finally realized, the word "art" could mean so many things.

If you are as much crazy about crocheting as me, than you are in right place, here you will find best crochet stitches tutorials, unique crochet patterns with full instructions and inspiration

Warm Wishes,

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Marupe, Latvia
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